We hope to blow the roof off your existing business plans. We would like to see your base of clients broaden and your offerings to them deepen. By identifying your strengths and exploiting the power of the Internet, we like to work as your external marketing department, but with the feel of being in-house. Our initial analysis of your business often unearths the nuggets that make your business like no other. In fact, this one simple act sometimes translates directly to the spark you need to jump to the next level. We’ve seen it work time and time again.

Strategic Marketing Plan – The Blueprint for Your Success

Failing to plan = planning to fail. Your Strategic Marketing Plan is the ticket to your success. Without a blueprint, a building will likely fall over. However, with a professional blueprint, and a strategic marketing plan, the chances are that the building that is your business will stand strong. We’ve done enough Strategic Marketing Plans that we can help you through the process, and make sure that you’re happy you did it!

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Branding – Stand Apart from the Competition

We will never attempt to recommend a brand for you until we know you and your company. Anyone that promises quick branding should work on a cattle farm. Just sayin’. Your brand is your identity. Nike? Google? Apple? Their brands— not just their logo, but also the echo of their products and services in the global marketplace — set them apart. Your senses immediately know the product before your brain does. That’s what we want for your brand.

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Website Development – Create a Lead Generation Engine

In the old days, you might have obtained leads from your clients. Maybe you put an ad in the local newspaper, or in the Wall Street Journal! Perhaps you ran a promotion to drive people to your store. Or you shook lots of hands at the Chamber of Commerce. These days, your website is your lead generator. Some prospects hang out at the Kiwanis Club, but the bigger numbers scour websites for the products and services they need. We’ll help them find yours.

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Online Marketing – Maximize the ROI from Your Website

Once you’ve attracted the prospect to your website, you need them to do something. The best action, of course, is that they buy from you. However, they must first trust you. Your website must send a trust message, and it must convert trust to buying. Your investment in your website will be rewarded with more visitors, higher trust, and increased sales with NetImpact Marketing Services. Call us.

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Marketing Communications – Improve Your Marketing Results

Your marketing mix has changed, just as it has remained the same. The 4PS Product, Place, Price, and Promotion have been replaced by Solutions, Access, Value, and Education. Every chance you have to solve someone’s problem, give them a place to find your solution, provide that solution at a fair price, and teach them how to use your product or service in a meaningful way will enhance your message, and increase your sales.

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Graphic Design – Make an Impact

We have a track record for making the net impact of your graphic projection in the marketplace a game changer, or we wouldn’t have been in business for almost 15 years. Fonts say so much. At NetImpact, the graphic design team is not an afterthought. In fact, they often help you define what you wanted to say all along. Your graphically designed website is reflected on your business cards, in your social media, and maybe on billboards and bus sidings. It’s all about making an impact. Everywhere.

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Writing Services – Tell Your Story

We’re sure of it… content does not write itself. More importantly, good, original, pithy, pointed, keyword-rich content definitely does not spill from tankers filled with high-octane words. Your company today has never existed before. Ever. Your products and services are unique because you are unique. NetImpact Marketing tells the prospect, or your client, or your employees, or your stakeholders exactly what you want them to hear. It’s yours to tell. Our professional writers spin it best.

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