Marketing Communications


We create a Strategic Marketing Plan to fit most clients’ marketing needs and budgets, and manage the outputs of the planning process, which are a variety of marketing programs that encompass traditional elements as well as online marketing strategies and tactics. Our team’s years of accumulated left-brained business experience melds nicely with our techies’ backgrounds.

When we add in the visually gifted, right-brained creative types, we are able to surround and conquer not only those day-to-day marketing tasks for our client partners, but also make the big splashes you need to attract attention in an over-attention-burdened populace. We key on driving marketing results that stimulate sales and ultimately affect your bottom line profitability. With NetImpact, you’re in good company, and we are equipped to help you decide which mediums and channels will be most effective for you. In fact, you have the added benefit of having a senior marketing professional at your beck and call to guide you and your marketing team to make the best decisions.

Better Results

We know that today’s marketing task requires the talents of very different skill sets. Few businesses can afford to employ an entire team of professionals of the caliber we have at NetImpact. More importantly, the marketing that worked yesterday may not work today, or tomorrow. Because much of our work is done virtually, we can afford to hire the best. As the complex world of marketing skids to a new norm in the blink of an eye, we are able to respond and retool so you don’t miss a beat. Your marketing dollars go farther because we are at your service when needed, but we don’t clutter up your employee overhead. Better results for less money! Way to go.

Every Client Is Different

Your strategic marketing plan will not look like anyone else’s. Custom-designed websites accrue from branding discussions. Branding discussions lead to social media campaigns, or interactive websites that have different graphics and bells and whistles, depending on your unique selling proposition, products, services, goals, timelines, and budgets.

Marketing Is a Goal Driven Process

Every interaction we have with our clients and you with yours has one goal: Customer satisfaction with a solution tied to the value. NetImpact’s goal is to communicate your value to your customers through a marketing mix that makes dollars… and sense. 398 words