Website Development


We believe in working with you to design your website. If we simply told you what to do, you’d be feeling an emptiness that some businesses find themselves experiencing. We’ve heard of web designers that “take your order” and return with the flaming entrée. You ordered a hamburger, fries, and a soda.

That’s not to say you do not want the flaming entrée! To be competitive these days, your website needs to have ingredients like usability, design, content, technology and entertainment. All elements have to be there to be effective in generating leads. Gone are the days when you could join your local Chamber of Commerce, or put an ad in the Wall Street Journal to expect people to find you. But the flames can be big or small, and the entrée must be to your order. NetImpact has a successful system to build your unique lead generation engine: YOUR website.

  1. Client Discovery – We conduct a “gap” analysis on your current site, to find out what your goals are for the redesign. Sometimes, there’s a huge difference, or gap, between what you have and what you’d like. Many times, the easiest way to define your taste is to look at competitors’ websites so that together, we can map out the scope of the project.
  2. Architecture and Design – This is where we really get our hands dirty and develop a plan for the project. We create a navigational flow chart (sitemap) and we build a wireframe. From approved wireframes, we design concepts for the home page and interior page layouts.
  3. Development and Quality Assurance – After the site is launched we are here to help you gain the leads you have targeted from your investment in your website. We help you maintain your site and build marketing programs that generate leads and help you expand your business. Once the prospects have found you, our next task is the entice them to spend time on your site, maybe create a buying action, like sending a question, or giving up their email. Of course, we want them to “buy” — actually purchase your product or make an appointment for your services.


Every day you wait, you’re losing more opportunities to generate the leads that will catapult your business to the next level.