Small Talk


How does the Chief Marketing Officer continue month in and month out? He or she has to create one marketing campaign after another to ensure a steady stream of new clients and new sales to replace those lost by natural attrition, and those that fall out of the sales flow because of competition, marketplace changes, manufacturing shortfalls, quality issues, or a million other reasons. It never ends.

Maybe it’s time to get help for your CMO! These are the top 5 reasons it might make sense to outsource your CMO with a Go-To Marketing firm like Net Impact Marketing Services.

1. Your marketing department needs more people

If you’re a small to medium-sized company, your team of marketers is probably wearing other hats as well. In fact, they may not be professional marketers, but rather a person that has “an eye” for design, coupled with the best sales person from last year. Sales and marketing are two different things! Because the department lacks organization, and perhaps direction, the money you spend on your online marketing and perhaps your website development doesn’t bring the returns you’re seeking. If your current team cannot manage both the creative as well as execution phase, or if they are squeezing these tasks in and around their main jobs, it may be time to call for help.

2. You don’t have a lot of money

This is one of the biggest fallacies. People say they have no money to hire outside marketers, but then they still spend money on people and programs that don’t produce the results they need. What’s worse, the lower sales and higher expenses have put them off marketing even further. It’s actually a better use of money to outsource your CMO. In lieu of a new employee, you can hire a full team of experts (like NetImpact) to develop and execute an effective strategic marketing plan, and then reduce your expenditures once the plan is up and running. Voila! Less overhead and more targeted results.

3. Your time is limited

You’re peddling as fast as you can. Even if you’re in the marketing department of a large company, you’re overworked. The world changed while you were at lunch and you have three other deadlines. Outsourcing your CMO can save your bacon. Even if you do decide to hire someone, hiring takes time and you’re never really sure of them until they’ve been around for six months. Plus, you’ve had to stop and train them, and then, poof. It didn’t work and you have to start over! Engaging an outsourced marketing team saves time, reduces the “H” (hassle) factor and increases the “R” factor. Results. It’s all about results, isn’t it?

4. You need a fresh marketing plan

Change happens fast these days. Yesterday, it was Facebook. Now it’s Pinterest. Some people like Tumbler, while another demographic uses Instagram. Twitter keeps everything short. Bottom line: If you snooze you lose. Web designs change, popular color schemes come and go. The CMO at your company needs new ideas executed in different ways, and needs a committee to bounce ideas around. Outsourcing the marketing function lets you enjoy the view. It’s like you’re on the top of the mountain overlooking a fast-changing marketing landscape, and you’re still in the game! It’s very cool.

5. You need to act quickly

Did we say everyone is in a hurry? If we didn’t we should have. Every day rolls around faster. Weeks skid. Months slide. Years disappear. That trade show that was a year away is next month. Face it, marketing sometimes falls through the slats, but it still has to be done. Hiring a professional marketing team makes the most sense, because they can get the job done quickly and painlessly, and without displacing other activities that keep your doors open. An outsourced marketing function is the most cost-effective way to optimize your digital presence, provides sales support, and should serve to generate more leads to grow your business.

Bottom Line:

We feel everyone in your marketing department is working hard. But maybe they’re not working smart. Perhaps they just don’t have the time. Outsourcing your Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is not failing. It is the smart thing to do. Instead of adding overhead, you’re avoiding overhead by keeping your payroll in check. If you’re a CEO, ask the CFO. They’ll probably like the idea. We hope to increase your ROI using SEO.